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El Sueño Cigars

El Sueño cigars are a boutique brand from Switzerland. And honestly I haven’t heard about it before I met Stephane Aprile “Sales Dirctor” of the brand over the social media. It’s not an old brand. And according to him this is a little brief: “The brand was created by an aficionado of world wide cigars, […]

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Bolivar Royal Coronas TUBOS

; Bolivar, one of the Habanos Flagships and one of the most consistent Cuban cigars over the years. The Royal Coronas In particular is the most known stick out of there wide range of vitolas. They came up with it in Tube in 2009 and the ones smoked for the review is from the same […]

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Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles

When Tatuaje it’s not my place of profession and it’s almost new for me. It’s very famous and one of the hottest brands in the cigar world do its my bad being classic in my taste. Yet I’ve smoked some of Don Pepin Garcia cigars the man who makes the Tatuaje cigars for Pete Johnson […]

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