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Partagás Serie E No. 2

Around the world when talking about Cuban cigars “Partagas” pop-up as one of the leading brands, and this is the latest release. In the trend of world go FAT CIGARS Cubans are no exception so they started to release “Sublimes” “Wide Churchill” and this one. When it was first out people believed it is a […]

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Partagas Serie D. No.4 08

Partagas Serie D. No.4 or “PSD4” became the flagship cigar for Partagas brand recently. It been very long since I had my last one and that because of the Robusto size which in not my favorite size. However I still like this particular cigar very much. Here is about it: Initial thoughts: Perfectly rolled robusto […]

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Partagás Salomónes 08

      When I first knew about those cigars I was really excited to put my hands on. Once I found them in La casa Del Habano Abu Dhabi I couldn’t believe my eyes. I asked the people whom tried it and didn’t get a real good reviews so I bought 2 and kept […]

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