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El Sueño Cigars

El Sueño cigars are a boutique brand from Switzerland. And honestly I haven’t heard about it before I met Stephane Aprile “Sales Dirctor” of the brand over the social media. It’s not an old brand. And according to him this is a little brief: “The brand was created by an aficionado of world wide cigars, […]

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Quick Review: H. Upmann Half Corona

H.Upmann aren’t my favorite cigars what do ever specially because I’ve been facing quality and construction problem with the production of the recent years. The Half Corona is the latest addition in their line and it’s to follow the trend of short smokes. This one starts very muted in flavors and strength but not to […]

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Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus

Casa Magna Brand is a collaboration between to famous cigar maker Nestor Plasencia & Manuel Quesada. They are producing Nicaraguan Puros and the first release was the a Colorado wrapped cigar, which was IMHO a boring cigar but others rated it as cigar of the year “to each his own opinion” and later they came […]

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