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El Sueño Cigars

El Sueño cigars are a boutique brand from Switzerland. And honestly I haven’t heard about it before I met Stephane Aprile “Sales Dirctor” of the brand over the social media. It’s not an old brand. And according to him this is a little brief: “The brand was created by an aficionado of world wide cigars, […]

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In my usual cigar routine I like to smoke Non Cuban cigars from time to time to change the flavors of the Cuban cigars on my palate. Couple of weeks ago I went to a local tobacconist to buy some cigars and I was surprised to see Ashton VSG in the humidor since it is […]

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Quick Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

This is a quick review of a cigar to get a brief info about it. For me “Arturo Fuente” is new stuff because I have no clue about their cigar and what they are all about. This cigar is from the “Hemingway” series which mostly come in a Figurado shapes. So let’s have a look […]

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