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Ramón Allones Specially Selected 05

One of my hobbies is to dig in a cigar shop humidor “who don’t” so once I found a full cabinet of 50 RASS from the year 2005, smoked few and thought it is a review worthy to let you know how they do in 7 years of aging. I’ve done a review of the […]

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Montecristo No.1

An elegant cigar from the old days before the robustos take the biggest share of Cigar fans attintion. Just to let you know myself don’t smoke many small ring guage cigars in my daily routine. It was released pre 1960s. the one i smoke for this review is from othe year 2010. lets see  what this Montecristo No.1 […]

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Partagás Serie E No. 2

Around the world when talking about Cuban cigars “Partagas” pop-up as one of the leading brands, and this is the latest release. In the trend of world go FAT CIGARS Cubans are no exception so they started to release “Sublimes” “Wide Churchill” and this one. When it was first out people believed it is a […]

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