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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

It have been awhile since I had one of the Short Churchills, well that because I was very disappointed when they first came out. They were very tasteless “fresh” I mean and lacked of complexity in flavors profile. here we are now again after watching many people around the social media posting lots of picture […]

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Guest Review: Fonseca Invictos from 1996

Here we are with another post of the Guest Review. This Review was written by my Buddy Heiko from Eldondo’s Blog thanks to him. PreLight: Colorado colored, matt wrapper… no veins, smooth surface… a decent smell of earth and cedar is coming to the nose. 1st: Let´s set it on fire and clip the head… […]

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Partagás Serie E No. 2

Around the world when talking about Cuban cigars “Partagas” pop-up as one of the leading brands, and this is the latest release. In the trend of world go FAT CIGARS Cubans are no exception so they started to release “Sublimes” “Wide Churchill” and this one. When it was first out people believed it is a […]

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