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Romeo y Julieta Short Churchill

It have been awhile since I had one of the Short Churchills, well that because I was very disappointed when they first came out. They were very tasteless “fresh” I mean and lacked of complexity in flavors profile. here we are now again after watching many people around the social media posting lots of picture […]

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Guest Review: Fonseca Invictos from 1996

Here we are with another post of the Guest Review. This Review was written by my Buddy Heiko from Eldondo’s Blog thanks to him. PreLight: Colorado colored, matt wrapper… no veins, smooth surface… a decent smell of earth and cedar is coming to the nose. 1st: Let´s set it on fire and clip the head… […]

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Ramón Allones Specially Selected 05

One of my hobbies is to dig in a cigar shop humidor “who don’t” so once I found a full cabinet of 50 RASS from the year 2005, smoked few and thought it is a review worthy to let you know how they do in 7 years of aging. I’ve done a review of the […]

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