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GCC Herf

Finally the GCC “Gulf Cooperation Council” bloggers herf was held, it was in “the city of life” Dubai. The GCC bloggers known to date are 3 including me. The other 2 are Mr. Munther of and Mr. Abdul Raheem of, if there’s a hidden one please show your self. We were joined buy […]

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Cigars!! Fashion Or Passion?

Talking about cigars has lots of subjects and point of views to discuss, why!! Simply because we love them. Today I’ll be talking about on subject that made me thinking for long time is it because of fashion and life style we smoke them! Or its a passion made us spend lots of money and […]

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Humidor Seasoning, Winter Time

Since I didn’t smoke cigar for a while now “because I got cold” I decided to do a general cigar talk. The issue I want to discuss happen to me every winter so let’s begin. When ever its winter the humidity inside my humidors increase due to the low temperature and the cigars gets very […]

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