I’m a guy from the capital city of the United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi. Full time Employee for a Gov authority. Most important things are Family “Life”, Work “make living” and Cigars “the passion”.

Been Smoking cigarettes for long time however i was willing to try a cigar. Few years ago it was the first cigar i smoked RyJ Exhibición No. 4 “Fantastic Cigar”.

In Abu Dhabi Finding a premium Non Cuban is more difficult then finding a cuban cigar in the USA so i even call some friends over there to send some or to place an Online order.

I always say “Smoke More Cigars”

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  1. Keep on the good work bro. Finally, a fellow ” ‘7aleeji ” tech savvy cigar aficionado

  2. Moving to Abu Dhabi, husband smokes cigars and would like to know where he can go to purchase and are there any cigar clubs to which he can belong?

    • Welcome to au dhabi. In fact there is no private cigar clubs overhere but there are always place to enjoy a cigar. Most pf the 5 & 4 stars hotels has a lobby or a cigar bar. There is one la casa del habano in AD which is located in ad mall and has small smoking lounge. Comment here please if any help needed.

      • Hi,

        Can someone recommend some good cigar shops that sell non-cuban cigars like Padron, GOF, Ghurkhka, etc.? Please put address/contact as I am new.


  3. Great blog – great information!

    I would be happy to invite you to CClub at Jumeirah Zabeel Saray in Dubai.
    CClub is a connoisseur bar with breathtaking settings; with a wide selection of cigars [around 80% Cuban, the rest Dominican & Nicaraguan], chocolate and connoisseur beverages.

    The cigar prices are even close to retail price.

    For the moment we have even a wide selection of Arturo Fuente Opus X

    Hope to see you here.

  4. Hi there! any idea from where I can buy some tall cigar humidors? u kno the fancy ones with automatic temp/hum control, led lights, the works!

  5. Hello everyone!
    Just to let you know for the same reason that I established Doha Cigar Club in Qatar; to bring in premium non-cuban cigars. Especially the top 25 as rated by Cigar Afficiainado Magazine. These are now available in Qatar. Cheers!

  6. Nice work here; keep it up! Greetings from Turkey!

  7. really nice blog and nice pictures on Intsagram

  8. Rosewood Abu Dhabi would like to invite you to our first Cigar Night.
    We will be hosting a habanos Cigar Night at La Cava, tomorrow 15th of November, with the presence of Hirce Martinez Fernadez well known Torcedor as well as limited edition cigars. You are all more than welcome to join us!

  9. I appreciate the advice that you gave. It was very helpful.

  10. Dear fellow fan of the leaf,

    I live in the U.S., but I have recently accepted an employment offer in AD. I will be relocating to AD in the summer. I have a sizable collection of non-Cuban cigars, which I wish to bring with me to AD. I am starting to panic about customs on cigars and whether I can get them through. As you know, cigars are perishable goods, so I would like to make sure the process goes through as smoothly as possible. Do you know anything about this?

    Also, any tips on good spots to have a smoke and good tobacconists? Any good spots to meet other aficionados in AD?


    • Saif,
      Welcome to AD. Bringing cigars through the airport haven’t been problem, I brought 6 boxes at a time, plus buying from duty-free.

      Meeting with aficionados in the city is not very easy. But make sure to drop your business card at every La Casa del Habano to be up to date with the events around the city.

      Non Cubans aren’t very popular around in the country and if you found they will coast a fortunate.

      Keep in touch for more info.

      • Thank you for the quick response! I appreciate the tips too. My collection includes around 30 boxes. I don’t know if bringing them through the airport would be the wisest thing to do. I’ll look into it.

        By the way, I love the site! I’ll be poking in from time to time to educate myself on Cubans.

      • No 30 will be a problem, for sure and tobacco tax in GCC countries is %100

  11. Hilda Jane Kadri Reply March 9, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    My late husband was a cigar smoker and as I am leaving Abu Dhabi after 45 years of being here, I am selling his ‘No.1 Davidoff’ Humidor, one of the original models I believe.
    The humidor measures 42cms length, 30cms width and 23 cms height with an inner container; the outside has brass handles and is made from a beautiful decorative wood.
    It was purchased from Smoker’s Centre and though all internal fittings are there, it requires some maintenance,
    If you have any interest, please email, thanks.

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