Back Again..

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been awhile. It’s actually been 5 long years since I posted on this site. I was still active on other social media platform like Instagram and Twitter. Honestly I forget how to write a post, but I’m back at it “at least”.Well the absence was because of many reasons, some of them related to the cigars some are not.Let’s talk about the cigars. As most of you know I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE. 10 years or so ago this city was one of the most cigar friendly cities. You could smoke in the Shopping malls, restaurants “most of them”, hotel lobbies and many other places. Anti-tobacco laws like many other countries came in action and people here took it very serious. It was implemented every were even places were built and equipped to be smoke friendly were closed or forced to ban smoking, including the place I used to spend my free time in La Casa del Habanos because it is in a shopping Mall, “some places were closed before that” to be fair. And I believe that you are aware that it is extremely hot and humid in the summer, it can easily reach C 40s “at night” and outdoor smoking is not an option at least 6 months a year.So being not able to enjoy smoking a cigar is one reason that I stopped writing about them.While we talked about anti-tobacco laws lets mention that in 2018 the tax on tobacco products were increased by %100, which made cigars untouchable for some people and occasional for others. Prices went up high and that is a reason why I kind of lost interest in following up with what’s new in the cigar industry.During that period the benefit was the cigars I had aged very well, when I lit them I was surprised how good 5 years could be to age cigars.At the end I’m thankful to those who asked about me and I will try to keep this blog alive.Until next time happy smokes.

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  1. Welcome back to the world of cigar blogging.

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