Viaje Platino Chiva Robusto

Viaje is considered to be a boutique brand!! And they are famous of their small batch releases, however they have some of the production line are wildly available. Viaje cigars are Nicaraguan Puros using all tobacco of filler, binder and wrapper from Nicaragua. One of the regular lines is the Platino.

Size: 5″ x 52

The construction of this cigar is good, the wrapper is beautiful dark and slightly oily, the draw is a bit on the loose side but manageable.

The smoke start very harsh and spicy!! And last for half an inch or so, where one start thinking to stop smoking it, however it does get better. The smoke get milder to settle at a medium level of body and flavors. Along with the pepper this cigar is quite good in flavors, a typical Nicaraguan profile of sweet Cocoa, Leather, Roasted Coffee and Wood. This is a cigar should be smoked slowly to get the best out of it. The cigar goes back to the harshness at the final third?!

Well this is not a cigar that I will want to smoke very soon, and honestly I was little disappointed with the end result. Next I’m going to smoke the “Oro”

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