Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure De Luxe

This is a latest addition in the Hoyo Brand and in the La Casa Del Habano Exclusive release on 2012. As you know Hoyo has a Petit Robusto already in there production, however the Du Luxe half an inch longer and and a little fatter. And for me being a fan of HdM brand I had to give it a go:

Size: 4 1/2 x 52

Initial thought:

Very well crafted cigar. Wrapped in smooth, light brown leaf that is slightly oily. The band is a remarkable and bigger than the original Hoyo band. Construction is flawless. The pre light draw was cool with mild wood aromas.

The Smoking:

Starting very creamy with sweet wood and little bit of pepper on the initial puffs. But doesn’t take long to open up and show what it got, very nice creamy and sweet medium body flavorful smoke with rich “Cafe Cubano” , cedar & floral. About the half way point the smoke getting more complex and build up more strength with sweet espresso and more pepper but still smooth and easy. At the last part this cigar turn to a strong shot of espresso with more pepper and earth on the back of the palate and just hint of caramel on the background.

Final Thoughts:

Very good, yes it is. Do I like it? Absolutely. Would I buy it again? Sure. Would I recommend it to a friend? Of course. This is one year old and it’s so good, with couple more years this will be something else. If you like Hoyos this is a must. I highly recommend saving some for extended aging.

5 Responses to “Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure De Luxe”

  1. Great review Don. I have a box on the way but after reading this review I might have to place an order for an extra box or two. Thanks

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  4. Excellent and premium cigars

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