Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios

If you don’t know about Cohiba, I’m sure you’re here by mistake!! It’s the hottest cigar brand out there. And one of the habanos flagships of course. The Maduro 5 series were introduced in in 2007 as a regular production and for your information it’s the only Maduro made in Cuba. Personally I think it’s one of few cigars available in the market that comes with a “REAL” Maduro wrapper, and when I say real I mean they haven’t been Manipulated by adding a color or whatever happens with some of the Non-Cuban cigars. Lets go smoke and see what it has to offer:

Size: 5 1/2 x 52
Origen: Cuba

This is a unique vitola in habanos and I like it. The wrapper should please and eye with the nice color and the amount of oils on it, however it has some veins here and there. The construction is what you would expect from Cohiba “perfection” and the draw is good with a little bit more resistance than what I like but absolutely manageable, with hints if wood, coffee and earth.

As fast as it lit you know there’s something good coming on, the initial puffs brings a very nice sweet tobacco with and earthy undertone. And as far it goes there’re new things to come, strong coffee, cedar, molasses and cocoa and all main players in the clouds of think smokes with a gentle pepperiness on the retro-hale. The cigar comes in medium-full in body and strength but not overwhelming so don’t be afraid of the dark!!

I think this is an underrated cigar but I’m happy for that?? I still can find some old boxes and they do need to be aged for awhile. Wether it’s for your coffee time or after dinner this will deliver the satisfaction for sure. This is a completely different cigar than the regular Cohiba and had nothing to do with it. If you have smoked one please share your thoughts on the comments.

Happy smokes!!

3 Responses to “Cohiba Maduro 5 Genios”

  1. Off course I smoked more then a box! The best of Maduro. You gave a clear picture!

  2. This Vitola is awesome… I’ve never ever again smoke a cigar like this one…
    Luv it…

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