Bolivar Royal Coronas TUBOS



Bolivar, one of the Habanos Flagships and one of the most consistent Cuban cigars over the years. The Royal Coronas In particular is the most known stick out of there wide range of vitolas. They came up with it in Tube in 2009 and the ones smoked for the review is from the same year. Let’s get down to business Cigarians :
Pre light: well rounded and flawlessly constructed cigar, finished with nice looking triple cap. The wrapper is oily medium brown that has smooth veins on it. Draw is absolutely perfect, and has blast of aromas to find out, Big spicy sweet cedar along with fruitiness, earthiness and touch of tobacco.



Wow!! Lots of smoke coming out with each puff from the beginning, medium in body “Full” in flavors with blast of Pepper, Cedar and rich coffee. Half an inch down and the flavors settled and became more pleasant, still has that kick of pepper, strong coffee, earthy and has that signature touch of Bolivar “Citrus” and sweet tobacco.


Starting this part and it’s still holding that pleasant peppery note to it which is a Core, and the coffee got richer but sweeter, and the citrus note revealed a fine orange peel flavor to the profile, while the body is increasing gradually toward the Medium Full area. Half way point and it’s still rich in flavors and almost full in body, just hint of earthiness joined in the complex profile.


Here at the last part the smoke got earthier and the coffee richer than ever, while the pepper still there but I’m the background along with the orange peel notes, hints of caramel showing in between the puffs. body wise it’s absolute full.

Final thoughts:

Wow should be said here, it’s a great cigar and very strong. These smokes differently than those come in box press. They has more power on them and stronger flavors. Yes there’s a 10AED extra on each but IMHO it worth it

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