E. P. Carrillo Elencos Don Rubino


These cigars are made by Ernesto Perez Carrillo, and to be honest I’ve never tried any cigar made by him before. The Elencos series was made based on the exact blend of a limited release of 2010 and after a high demand on it they decide to make it in a regular line. They already producing few other lines but as I mentioned this one is the first to try. Smoked few before I take the pen and write down my notes, so here we go to see how good it is!!!:


Size: 5 1/4 x 50
Wrapper: Brazilian
Binder: Dominican
Filler: Nicaraguan

This is a beautiful looking cigar, a well made, perfectly rounded and nicely placed triple cap. The wrapper on it is just pleasant to look at, medium dark brawn, silky smooth and fairly oily with just smooth veins here and there. The Prelight draw is what to be expected from a perfectly constructed cigar, smooth with little bit of resistance. The cold aromas were all about Cocoa, old wood, sweetness & fruitiness.

Big blast of pepper that lasts for long in the initial puffs along with pronounced cedar, citrus and cocoa coming in a medium body smoke. An inch or do down everything settled the pepper blast mellowed a bit, the smoke became more complex. A lot of sweet cedar and fruitiness mostly “Citrus” along with cocoa, leather and medium roasted espresso, that all packed in milder strength than the initial one. Tea notes show up by the end of this third with well balanced amour of strength and flavors.



Straight after Ashing the 1st third a change noticed with less sweetness, fruitiness, cedar & pepper, more coffee, leather and earthiness, while the body still in the medium range. At the half way point where the strength increased toward the full body and the flavors profile got more complexity. Stronger coffee, leather, old wood and orange peel like flavors along with some tropical fruits going on here.


The sweetness got caramelized and the orange peel became a core flavors while the rest not faraway from that and the pepperiness still alive, the body & the strength are full no doubt.


Final thoughts:

What a cigar!! Absolutely love it. Very complex, and has the strength I’m looking forward. It’s a cigar that could be every time, just every time. They have been in my humidor around 2 months and every time I light up one it smokes better and better and that’s a sign of aging benefit on these cigars. Will I buy it again! He’ll yeah, would I recommend it for a friend!! If didn’t I will be selfish. Now this is a winner cigar, made me thing of going to reach the other lines of E. P. Carrillo cigars.

Until next time Have a happy smokes,,,,

4 Responses to “E. P. Carrillo Elencos Don Rubino”

  1. Used smoke the La Gloria Cubana cigars the Carilla family produced out of Miami some 20 years back and they were special….Recently back into cigars and would love to sample these…Are they available in the UAE?

    • They’re not available in UAE, I order them online from the US,

      • Oh okay, thanks…wasn’t aware of the import laws on tobacco etc …will order some…have you had success with any particular vendor from the States? Thanks in advance, prices for non-Cubans here are a bit ridiculous

      • Yeah I feel you that’s why I order them from US,
        I mainly use cigarplace.biz & AtlanticCigar.com use the express shipping and you’ll have no problems with the customs ;)
        Happy Smokes

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