Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus


Casa Magna Brand is a collaboration between to famous cigar maker Nestor Plasencia & Manuel Quesada. They are producing Nicaraguan Puros and the first release was the a Colorado wrapped cigar, which was IMHO a boring cigar but others rated it as cigar of the year “to each his own opinion” and later they came up with an Oscuro and I didn’t try. So the latest release was the Domus Magnus which came last year as limited release in two different vitolas. Anyhow let’s go see how would it perform:

Size: 6 3/8 X 55
Wrapper: Nicaragua “Sun Grown Jalapa”
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua


Straight had a very well balanced smoke in flavors and and strength. Flavorful form the beginning with rich clean and sweet tobacco and little coffee, pepper and cedar on the back ground, while the body is medium at most. An inch down and everything is going very smooth, still having that rich sweet tobacco and the coffee got darker with more cedar and just a touch black tea, pepper and leather on the background, no overpowering just straight medium body. By the end of this third things are getting bolder and more complex with stronger taste of cedar and black tea adding some floral notes on the retrohale while the body increased a little.


Here we go with very complex smoke it’s even hard to identify every single flavor, however theres a very smooth cocoa taste joined in this 3rd. Body wise it’s still smooth medium smoke with no harshness. At the half way point the the flavors are in there peak of complexity with lots more of spicy cedar, a bitter of dark espresso and loads of leather, floral and sweet tobacco. Some cinnamon and roasted nuts joined the end of this 3rd with an increase in the body.


Still changing and developing as it goes down, flavors are well mixed and well balanced and they last long on the palate, the body medium to full at this point. The core of the flavors in the Rich espresso while everything else “Spins” around it no changes body wise.

Final Thoughts:

Domus Magnus is great Nicaraguan Puro. Its one of the best cigars I’ve smoked recently. It’s very complex and flavorful cigar, however it lacks the strength specially in the first part. But even though a cigar shouldn’t be a firecracker to be good one. It may get some more complexity with humidor time but not that very long aging process due to the strength of the cigar. Am I gonna buy it again! Surely yes if I found some more because they are in a limited release.
Until next time, be well and “Smoke More Cigars”

3 Responses to “Casa Magna Domus Magnus Primus”

  1. An excellent cigar, thanks for the review mate.
    Cheers MT

  2. Reblogged this on aussiecigars and commented:
    An excellent review from my mate Ahmed in Abu Dhabi.

  3. Great write up, I agree. A great smoke!

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