Montecristo Edmundo


This is my point of view that Habanos has gone through a period where Quality Control was not it the level it was, than god they have realized it and fixed it. Nowadays production and I mean the 2011 is superb and top quality. I’ve smoked many to say so, now this is not the first time I review an Edmundo since ive done one few years back. Let’s go and see how this youngster can do:

Pre light:

Well rounded fat boy, wrapped in beautiful light brown oily leaf and has that very small veins on it. The pre light draw is an effortless one, delivering very sweet tobacco and fruity like aromas.


First few puffs were very smooth and creamy in texture yet carrying a soft touch of pepper, rich sweet woodiness and hints of that fruitiness I mentioned in the cold draw. I’m a medium body smoke half an inch down and I can see the change, the fruitiness have gone, the wood turned to cedar, and a shot of medium roasted espresso have been added to the mix to produce very delicious clouds of smoke. Still medium in body, medium to full in flavors by the end of this 3rd with more pepperiness on the background.


The coffee got bolder once I tapped the ash and started this 3rd, with stronger body smoke toward the med-full area. More flavors jumped in as the smoke progress with few kinds of sweetness!! “Toffee, Caramel, sugar cane” . Mild earthiness at the medway point joined the trip along with those flavors started this part of the cigar.


More earthiness and coffee and less sweetness, yet is still holding that cedary woodsy in the core, the strength is “almost” full but no harshness what so ever. Just to mention that the pepper has gone completely by this 3rd.


Final Thoughts:

I got my cigar back after it was ruined by the careless hands of Habanos SA. A very well made stick, some of you would say it is very young cigar well, ok it is what you said but a year old have you the qualities been paid to make such beautiful well balanced cigar. I would highly recommend hunting out for some of these and try it your self.

Please be well and Smoke More Cigars

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