La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso

Seeking for new cigars made me turn to this one, plus it was made for ASHTON Cigars whom distributing many good smokes out there. Just to mention that is was named #2 cigar of the year by that FAMOUS publication which I don’t care about their ratings anymore. Anyhow lets get down to business and see what’s it all about:

Pre light:

Size: 5 1/2 x 54

Wrapper: Mexican Cuban Seed Maduro

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Nicaragua
This is one beautiful looking cigar. Slightly box pressed with a very dark toothy veiny wrapper. The pre light draw is “Perfect” with just a touch of resistance and delivers very nice and cool aromas of rich cocoa, coffee and wet wood.


Straight after toasting the foot a blast of pepper that last for few minutes and disappear to allow the smoothness start. Very sweet floral and smooth smoke in medium body and strength, loaded with cocoa coffee leather and earth. After an inch or so the smoke starts to build up in body/strength department while the flavors profile gets bolder with touch of pepper on the background. This third ends with smoke that is the upper side of medium while the flavors still the same.


Here at this point, the flavors profile has changed a little the sweet floral taste joined the club, nothing changed in the body side. At the half way point the sweetness joined by a caramel while the coffee just added an extra shot, still holding that rich cocoa on the background. By the end of this part there’s more pepper, wood “cedar” and dark chocolate bitter.

Final third:

This third I would call it the dark 3rd because all the flavors got to the darker side, molasses, dark chocolate, dark toasted coffee beans and lots of leather “Dark”!! While the body is almost full.

Final thoughts:

Ok now I’ve smoked few of these beautiful cigars and I have to conclude my experience. Did I enjoy it, well it was quite pleasant smoke, and do I recommend it!! IMHO I would say it is good cigar to smoke once awhile. Would I buy it again mmmm yeah but not any soon?

Please feel free to write down your experience Agree! Disagree! That would be nice to hear from you.

Until next time “Smoke More Cigars” :)

One Response to “La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor Belicoso”

  1. Ahmed, i your review of this cigar is spot on!!! i had exactly the same smoking experience with the mi amor! did i enjoy it, yes! would i have it again, yes! am i rushing out to try and get more…!
    And as for “that FAMOUS publication which I don’t care about their ratings anymore” i do not know what they were thinking with the top 10. A lot of fairly plain smoking cigars got rated very highly didn’t they!

    Ari ( cigarsnlife )

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