Guest Review: Fonseca Invictos from 1996

Here we are with another post of the Guest Review. This Review was written by my Buddy Heiko from Eldondo’s Blog thanks to him.


Colorado colored, matt wrapper… no veins, smooth surface… a decent smell of earth and cedar is coming to the nose.


Let´s set it on fire and clip the head… the first puff… intensive aromas of cedar and earth, some hints of honey-sweetness mixed with tea-like components. You can taste that it´s some years old, but this time it´s not this typical flavor of old paper and wood but tea… interesting.


The tea aroma will be the leading aroma through the whole smoke… the earthy notes are fading away, there´s more sweetness now with some peaks of cedar wood…


In the last third the earthy flavor is back, joined by leather and intensive tobacco… yes, the tea is still there, a bit in the background but still present…

Final thoughts:

In the end this cigar lasted for 90 minutes, the draw was all the time very good. The only negative thing was the ash which fell down easily even though it wasn ´t very long…

At the end i would like to thatnk Heiko again.

One Response to “Guest Review: Fonseca Invictos from 1996”

  1. My pleasure, Ahmed… so it´s your turn to send me a review of a Cuban cigar…

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