Illusione cg:4 White Horse

Wherever there’s a Nicaraguan Puro I care about it, because nicaragua In my opinion produce the best Non Cuban tobacco in the world, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have bad ones!! I’m not going to go through the story behind the creation of “illusione cigars” because the web is full of it and I hate to retell stories. So let’s make the long story short and see how it goes:

Pre light:

Size: 5 5/8″ x 48!!!

Origin: Filler, Binder & Wrapper Nicaragua

Absolutely elegant in the hand and it is well constructed, finished with beautiful triple cap. The wrapper is dark and oily with some invisible veins. The cold draw was fine with little resistant and delivered what would be expected from a Nicaraguan Puro, cocoa, coffee and touch of spicy cedar.


The first few puffs didn’t disappoint, mild to medium in body and solid in the flavors department loaded with sweet tobacco, peppery cedar, cocoa powder and coffee. 10 minutes in the smoke settled on the straight medium while the pepper almost gone and the core flavor is sweet “cocoay” tobacco with touch of wood, coffee and leather. By the end of this third there were an increase in the strength accompanied with more pepper zing and leather while the sweetness started to decrease a little.


This third starts with absolute peppery smoke that felt well on the palate and the sinus and the body reached the upper side of medium, thankfully the sweetness didn’t fade away but got caramelized and became more mouth watering smoke. More mocha and leather kept coming. By the half way point I should say that the caramel have taking over everything else yet that coffee remained to add a balance while the pepper took the back seat. At the end there were few changes in the flavors profile where the leather became a main actor and some earthiness Added to the list.

Final 3rd:

A creamy texture added to the Mocha smoke, more leather and earthiness and some cedar note on the flavors profile while the caramel took the seat next the pepper in the background. The body is medium to full already. By the end on the cigar a strong coffee joined the profile and took over the rest of they flavor which kept in the back ground.

Final Thoughts:

What a cigar!! Absolutely didn’t disappoint from start to finish. It is a complex cigar and what a Nicaraguan Puro should be by all means. I’m not sure about aging this one because of the strength but flavors wise definitely it will show a benefit. For the price I’m afraid it takes over the other Nicaraguan Puros I love. If you care about Nicaraguan Puros and didn’t try one yet do your self a favor and add it to the top of your shopping list.

Until next time Smoke More Cigars!!

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