Cigars!! Fashion Or Passion?


Talking about cigars has lots of subjects and point of views to discuss, why!! Simply because we love them. Today I’ll be talking about on subject that made me thinking for long time is it because of fashion and life style we smoke them! Or its a passion made us spend lots of money and time on cigars!


Very one know the definition of fashion, yet here I’ll try to define it in the Cigar world. A cigar “Fashionista” is a person who smokes cigars for the show!! Lots of people out there smoking cigars, maybe everyday but they doesn’t really enjoy them, they smoke their “expensive” cigars to attract people around them and take the attention in the place. Here some signs of fashion cigar smokers is they only light up their cigars in the 5 stars hotel lounges!! Yes with glass of Cognac or Royal Salute worth $100! Sitting on that luxurious leathery couch., believe it or not using a full box of matches to light the Cigar!! Cigar Fashionistas really enjoy looking like 70’s Gangsters or Fidel Castro and the revolutionary Chi Guevara!! Another sign is that you sitting with someone smoking a cigar and ask him was cigars you love the most and the answer is very quick,,, “I only Smoke COHIBA” huh! “If COHIBA was discontinued for any reason I’ll stop smoking” oh really! All of us we know that COHIBA is one of the most expensive cigars but are they the most flavorful one? Forget about it the guy has no clue. If you asked one of them about the flavor profile they “no doubt” will tell you it is “pure tobacco” wtf? Farther more knowing the Cigar Fashonista is they never smoke un-banded cigars!! They always look for the bigger or double banded ones. So it is all about the showoff and the attraction.


OK I’m not seeking the definition of Passion in the dictionary here, so let’s go the CIGARIAN way. Let me ask a question here: should the cigar passionista be the opposite of the Fashionista????? Sure NO. The Passionista could be going to the 5 stars lounges and pairing it with finest beverages and love those fancy looking bands too. However they smoke their cigars with passion. Some times you can see them smoking cigars in the garage!! Or the back yard or their offices and on the beach, there’s no place limit for them. They smoke COHIBAs and……. MONTECRISTO, PARTAGAS, RYJ, HOYO, BOLIVAR and every cigar they know it is good. Passionista talk about the flavors profile all the time and, a complex cigar, or not, a well aged or need more HUMIDOR time, Full medium or mild. Those people are willing to try every cigar, the new releases and all vitolas available. They have cigar for every time of the day, morning, afternoon or evening or after dinner. They just love it they love their Cigar and treat it with Passion

After all it is a single opinion and I can’t say anyone right or wrong because its up to everyone to do what they like. Whether it is Fashion or Passion let us know where you stand.

6 Responses to “Cigars!! Fashion Or Passion?”

  1. This is a great article! I think you are 100% correct.

    Me, I love cigars and smoke most of mine alone so I can enjoy them without the distractions only a family can provide. lol But I also smoke them working in the garage or mowing the lawn (I actually have purchased cigars just for this purpose). Some times I like a fine drink with a cigar, other times I just want to chew on one. Bottom line, I am passionate about my cigars and will try just about any thing.

    Well done my friend!

  2. Can people become addicted to cigars? My husband is not addicted, however he does enjoy purchasing, collecting and occassionaly smoking a cigar.

    • Sure people gets addicted to cigar, but not that same to cigarettes!! Most cigar lovers like to buy them it could become more enjoyable than smoking them, and these are the “Collector” it’s like collecting anything else.

  3. For years i believed that cigars are a symbol of fashion and for years i have been wrong. I sat with a friend who has a passion for cigars and i have shared his experience with a robusto Cifuentes Y CIa Partagas. I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and i have also decided to give up smoking cigarettes and switch to an occasional cigar because of the beauty of the blends and tastes that i have experienced. I would love to have your opinion on where to start as i am starting to feel very passionate about cigars and would love to be an enthusiast.

    • Well it’s an old fashion to tell people where to begin, in the past people used to start with mild cigars and build up to the stronger ones. I didn’t do that, I smoked everything and found where I want to be. Where are you from anyway??

  4. I am currently staying in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I have had my second cigar yesterday which was an Churchil sized Alec Bradley Reserve Connecticut . Now this was a beautiful creamy mid strength cigar i loved it as it was not as harsh. It was smooth and not as hard to drag as the cifuentes. What about you Don Ahmed where abouts are you from?

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