In my usual cigar routine I like to smoke Non Cuban cigars from time to time to change the flavors of the Cuban cigars on my palate. Couple of weeks ago I went to a local tobacconist to buy some cigars and I was surprised to see Ashton VSG in the humidor since it is very NCs aren’t very popular in this part of the world and difficult to find so I decided to get a couple of them to for a review. In fact this is not my 1st review for the VSGs since I’ve done one about the Belicoso 2 years ago. So let’s get started and see in depth this torpedo:

Pre light:

Size: 6 1/2″ x 55

Origin: Dom. Rep

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder & Filler: Dom. Rep

Great looking torpedo wrapped in beautiful dark slightly oily wrapper that has minimal veins on it. The construction is perfect. The pre light draw was very nice with just little resistance and delivered a very cool aromas of cocoa, wood and sweet tobacco.

The first few puffs were very cool with no much of strength but few flavors to name, cocoa, wet wood and just a hint of leather and sweet coffee. Half an inch down the flavors profile mentioned before became bolder with medium body of strength and a touch of pepper. Deeper in this third the body increases and the pepper become more predominant with the sweetness of the tobacco gets caramelized and more coffee, leather and cedar and touch of earthiness.


This third starts with no big change than the past one with only the earthiness became bolder. At the half way point the coffee turned into rich espresso with more oily leather and notes of cedar, earth and cocoa. The body is in the upper side of the medium. By the end of this third the smoke became sweeter and the pepper felt more and just a touch of “COCONUT”


Here we start with more cedar and cocoa, caramel and cafe Cubano and pepper tingling the back of the tongue. The body is medium to Full at most. The cigar ends with toffee like sweetness and a fine coffee.

Final thougts:

there are people out there saying NCs are filled with oak leaves, ok this one wasn’t. pleasent smoke not very complex, and not boring too. It lacks the strenght and body of the smoke, so thats why i will the Belicosos over this one. if you haven’t tried one yet give them a chance they maybe your cup of tea who know!!!!!

If you ever tried this cigar or have an opinion please leave a comment and Smoke more cigars.

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