Juan López Selección No. 2

One of the Cuban cigars legends and a well non world wide. Sometimes when I ask my cigar smokers fellows the “Cigarians” why there’s no Montecristo Robusto they point to this one!!! Let’s not to make it very long and start exploring this guy:

Pre light:

Size: 5 X 50
Origin: Cuba

Beautiful looking Robusto, well rounded and well placed cap. The Wrapper looks fantastic, lite brown with minimal veins and fair amount of oils. The pre light draw is almost perfect brings sweet aromas of Earth and wet woods. The burn was alright required couple of touch ups.


From the beginning with the initial puffs lots to say, sweet and peppery cedar mixed with citrusy on the back ground, that was packed in medium body creamy smoke. Farther into this third lots of caramelized sweet floral aromas while the core is changed and added coffee and mocha to the cedar and citrus. Nice touch of pepper join the smoke to add some more excitement to the end of this third.


Here the flavors started to change, the cedar, citrus and the sweetness turned down a little and coffee bitter became more pronounced with some earth and hints of hay and just a touch of leather, with the body turning to the upper medium. By the med way point the smoke got more strength and the flavors mentions above got bolder with rich espresso and cedar.


Medium to full already with rich coffee and hints of old wood or just “Agar wood” and floral flavors to fill the creamy and smooth smoke. The cigar ends with freshly baked bread and bitter coffee.

Final thoughts:

Great, rich and complex smoke to get from this cigar. It is a cigar not just to puff on but to enjoy the perfume and aromas produced by the burning foot. Ive been enjoying Juan Lopez for quite long and I can proudly say that they are consistent Through the years and they age very well. If it was first lunched in 2011 I’d pick it No.1 cigar of the year for sure.

3 Responses to “Juan López Selección No. 2”

  1. Wow.. You have won me over with this review.. I have never had a JL no1 will need to pick a box now

  2. A robusto that flies under most people’s radar, but I think the most consistent performer of them all. Love them.

  3. A really good and reliable smoke… I like them too….

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