Partagás Serie E No. 2

Around the world when talking about Cuban cigars “Partagas” pop-up as one of the leading brands, and this is the latest release. In the trend of world go FAT CIGARS Cubans are no exception so they started to release “Sublimes” “Wide Churchill” and this one. When it was first out people believed it is a bigger SD#4, but it wasn’t, so they were disappointed. I’ve chosen this cigar to be #3 in my “2011 Top 5 Cigars”. Let’s fire it up and see what’s going on here:

Size: 5 ½ X 54

Origin: Cuba

Pre light:

Fat, well rounded and well-constructed cigar. The wrapper is beautiful lite brown oily and has small veins on it. The pre light draw was “Perfect” brings sweet aromas of nut, wood, fruits and cool earth. The burn was almost perfect and the white gray ash holds very well.


After a while toasting the foot the first few puffs were full of smoke, mild to medium in body with with some tobacco and pepper and hints of earth and coffee. Half of an inch down this fat guy woke up to start showing what it has, the body straight medium and the flavors profile is medium to full. A lot for things happening here; rich Cuban tobacco, earth, leather, roasted coffee and more pepper zing tangling the palate while the aroma is very sweet and floral. Still medium in body by the end of this third.


After tapping the long ash and starting new chapter “third” found an increase in body and boldness in the flavors profile. More pepper and sweet spices join here and the core is cocoa” mocha” like flavor. At the half way point the body is upper  medium and there’re some changes in the flavors profile. The mocha took the back seat and Smokey Earth, yet sweet to the core and hints of coffee tobacco, sugarcane and wood.

Final third:

We still in the Upper medium body while more pepper keep coming and cedar jumping around. A lot of flavors and hints with complex sweet profile end this cigar.

Final thoughts:

It is not the most powerful cigar out there and that’s why most of the disappointed team didn’t like it. For myself I don’t really need a fire cracker every day and every occasion. Some times when you already had 1 or 2 cigars and you still need to light up you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. So that’s why I’ve chosen it to be in my top 5.

8 Responses to “Partagás Serie E No. 2”

  1. I´ve to disagree completely. I smoked a handful of those. Most boring release of 2011 (besides the Partagas D5). Weak, lacking flavor, loose draw. Without I wouldn´t guess it´s a Partagas.

    I´m no big fan of the big RG´s but there are some really good cigars also with a RG bigger than 50, but in my book this one is none of them.

    I´ll leave them on the shelves, there are much better Partagas out there. I definitely prefer a D4 or a P2.

  2. Not really a fan, although I have only managed to smoke one – perhaps I need to give it another try. My experience didn’t make me want to invest in a box but then again, I have been fooled by first impressions in the past. Perhaps with some age…

  3. Interesting post.. Like I said earlier.. There seems to be more bad feedback than good when it comes to the E2. One thing most seem to agree on is the lack of consincy between boxes, I have even heard of inconsistency within a single box.. Very unusual of Partagas! However, I’ll be smoking 1 soonish just to compare notes.. So my feedback will be pending on these until then.

    Thanks for the review :)

  4. Alamgir Manzoor Reply May 26, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    I smoked my first E2 in the La Vida cigar lounge in Riyadh. Excellent draw, smoke and flavours, tempting me to contemplate replacing my daily regular, Siglo VI, with this, but not entirely convinced. Need to get a box to see if it really consistently good, and the mixed feedback above pushes me more towards really checking it out. But bottom line, the smoke was a very good experience…

  5. Purchased a 5box in St. Martin during a Caribbean cruise, have smoked two and would agree mostly with the reviewer. Very mild, which made it rather an enjoyable smoke for me. Am waiting for the arrival of my first child to light another, and in the mean time the remaining three are sitting in a small humidor with some Romeo y Julieta Belvederes. I am curious to see how these get along…

  6. Just tried this one for the first time last night. Expected great things, but fell short. The draw was exceptionally hard in the beginning and did not get any better. Struggled through the first one third, when I fired up another. The second one had a much better draw… excellent actually. Unfortunately, the E no.2 was not the Partagas I look for in a cigar. I’ll stick with my P2’s.

    • Hi David,
      Glad to hear that you had another one. I like the p2’s however the case with most of the habanos nowadays is being hit or miss. Quality matters even with the most expensive ones.

      Happy smokes


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