Trinidad Coloniales 09

Trinidad considered by Habanos as a niche brand. It was released commercially on 1998 while before that it used to be as gift given by the Cuban government to the Diplomats . If you know me you will know that I’m not a big fan of this brand but I visit it from time to time because of 2 reasons first is the “price” and the second is I consider this cigar as a “Connoisseur” choice and not an everyday smoke.

Size: 5.2 x 44

Origin: Cuba

Pre light

Well constructed cigar with beautiful slightly oily light brown wrapper. Minimal veins here and there. The body is neither hard nor soft with kind of spongy feel. The pre light draw was very good with some resistance and delivers rich aromas of almond and wood. The burn is almost razor sharpe and the ash holds quite nice.


First few puffs were rich and flavorful loaded with strong tobacco, coffee, wood and pepper and back grounded with sweet cedar, while the body is straight medium. 1/2 an inch down the sharpness just mellowed and the flavor profile developed to bring a mouth watering sweet floral smoke, coffee, cedar with hints of pepper with medium body until the end of this third.


Here we go with few changes in the experience, the flavors started to get bolder and added some cocoa & leather and the body increased to be in the medium-full range. At the midway point found some vanilla and grape flavors to join the rich complex profile, while body still medium to full.


At this point the cigar gets wilder and almost full body and strong flavors of sweet tobacco, coffee and leather in core and hints of cedar and some pepper. Reaching the band point cocoa and “coconut” like gets in while the smoke still pleasent.

Final thoughts:

This is a very complex cigar and must try for real cigar smokers. It is so smooth yet it is not your morning choice since it has some strenght on. It is well Known that this cigar changes to better with age, the more you age it the more complex it gets.

hope you enjoy it, if so please like and rate my effort.

5 Responses to “Trinidad Coloniales 09”

  1. Excellent cigars… I like the Trinidad brand in general…

  2. Great review. Just sad I won’t be able to smoke one since I live in the US. Sounds like a nice complex smoke. Is there anything you would compare it to which isn’t Cuban?

  3. I am a huge Trini fanboy. My favorite vitolas are the Fundadores and Reyes. I also like the Robusto Ts especially the ones from the initial release. Never had a colonials though. Will work on changing that in the near future. Thanks for the nice review

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