Quick Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story

This is a quick review of a cigar to get a brief info about it. For me “Arturo Fuente” is new stuff because I have no clue about their cigar and what they are all about. This cigar is from the “Hemingway” series which mostly come in a Figurado shapes. So let’s have a look at this little cigar and see what it has under the innocent view:

Size: 4 ½ X 49

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

If we have a look at this cigar it is well constructed with no soft spots from foot to head. The wrapper “Cameroon” has that yellowish brown color was toothy with minimal veins on it. The pre light draw was fine with little bit of resistance and drives very cool and mild sweet tobacco taste.

When lit the 1st ¼ of an inch is very mild like the pre light draw was, but once you are in the 49 point of ring gage the flavor jump in. The smoke is almost medium in body and loaded with what Cameroon is all about, sweet earthy woody tobacco with hints of cocoa and pepper tingling. By the halfway point the body gets higher and the flavor sharper when the wood becomes rich cedar and more pepper which is very pleasant. Leather orange peel and sweet smoke keeps you attracted to until the end of the cigar where it mellows and cool down.

So this cigar is a very good choice if you have no much time and you want to have the real experience of a cigar, it last with me for 35 minutes before I put it down. For me I don’t really smoke those cigars because I like to take my time puffing a cigar and because these small guys gets very hot in a point.

That’s it for now, please rate!!

2 Responses to “Quick Review: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Short Story”

  1. Interesting.. Last time I smoked these, I noticed a bit of a citrusy undertone. Reminded me of Tangy Orange Creme (Cadbury Roses) I agree with all the flavors you mentioned though

  2. Where can I find these in Abu Dhabi? I can find Cubans all day long, but have had no luck locating any Arturo Fuente cigars.

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