Guest Review: Ramon Allones Allones Extra Edicion Limitada 2011

Here I am after all, I know it have been very long since I post last time. Now we are back with new series of reviews “Guest Review” to get different opinions from all over the world and to keep this blog alive. This review is about the new release of Habanos!! the Allones Extra by ramonallones and it was written by Heiko Blumentritt or @eldondo_ch whose “Enjoying life in Switzerland”. I’ve already smoked a couple of the Allones Extra to be in the core of the action.

Initial thoughts:

Size: 5.6” x 44

Origin: Cuba

The Ramon Allones also has a dark colorado colored wrapper… a lil bit oily with a slight shine… tight rolled with a smell of tobacco, espresso and wood…

1st third:

Let’s light it up… oh WOW!! This cigar is a real powerhouse… the first puffs are really impressin!! Intensive aromas of wood, leather and tobacco dominate the first third… decent sweetness and a pronounced earthiness…

2nd third:

Durin the second third some white peppe’s comin up… I can feel it bitin while nose-exhalin… not unpleasant, but present. Wood and strong notes of tobacco are still there, added by dark roasted espresso, the sweetness fades slowly away…

Final third:

In the last third the sweetness is gone completely… it’s pure power now: leather, tar, some kinda peat, intensive earthiness mixed with some ammonia…

Final thoughts:

The cigar lasted for 85 minutes, it had an always perfect draw but the ash was not as firm as it was for the “Hoyo” I smoked the other day.

In my humble opinion this cigar is real big-time with a great agin potential. I’m sure you’ll regret it in a few years when didn’t buy some for storage.

Many thanks to Heiko for this review, and to you readers. Please rate, like and comment, Have fun!!!

2 Responses to “Guest Review: Ramon Allones Allones Extra Edicion Limitada 2011”

  1. This Is a cigar that I smoked some 40 years ago , It’s NOT new ,It used to be a,CHEAP &
    CHEERFUL” cigar ,Now It Is a super cigar .Well done Habanos S.A. .
    Guy Buscema,


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