Don Pepin Garcia Blue Label Invictos

This is continue to the series of Don Pepin Garcia cigar exploring after the Vegas Cubanas and the Serie JJ. I’ve had two sticks from different sampler packs. They were both the same in performance and profile.

Initial thoughts:

Very nice looking stick, well made and rounded, beautifully placed triple cap. The wrapper very dark brown with decent amount of oils and medium sized veins. The pre light draw was very nice brings cool wood, cocoa and tobacco flavors.


The first few puffs were absolutely full with blast of pepper sweet tobacco and leather on the back round. Quickly the body turns to medium and more sweetness appears mixed with wood and still peppery. Half an inch down the cigar mellows down and the smoke became smoother in body and flavors especially the “pepper” but Cafe Cubano like appears to be the core flavor. Nothing changed by the end of this third.


The smoke here became smoother and lost many of the sharpness. The core still coffee, leather and tobacco and hint of pepper and earthiness. Caramel Sweetness with pronounced earthiness at the midway point and medium body smoke. This is for this third.


Very nice spiciness appears here to complement the coffee leather and sweet tobacco. The cigar ends here peacefully.

Final thoughts:

Well it was a good stick started very strong and finished less strong. yes I like it but I really wished it was more complex because the flavors here were very easy to pick. All in all I’m going to get some more of different sizes in the future

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