Partagas Serie D. No.4 08

Partagas Serie D. No.4 or “PSD4” became the flagship cigar for Partagas brand recently. It been very long since I had my last one and that because of the Robusto size which in not my favorite size. However I still like this particular cigar very much. Here is about it:

Initial thoughts:

Perfectly rolled robusto with nice triple cap. The wrapper is light brown that has an oil sheen on and got some soft veins here and there. The prelight draw was good with some resistant that delivers some tobacco and cedar wood hint. The burn was fine and the gray ash hold for and inch or so before it falls.

1st third:

The initial puffs were very nice brings big flavors of sweet tobacco and pepper with higher level of medium body. It mellows a bit the normal medium body with lots of cuban tobacco sweetness, pepper and wood flavors and hint of coffee and cocoa bean.  By the end of this third the flavors became clearer and easier to identify with more espresso, cocoa and caramel to complement the peppery tobacco.

2nd third:

The body changed medium to full at the beginning of this third. The flavors still the same with some earth just shown. Very nice complex flavors at the half way point. The third ends with tea leaves hint.

Final third:

Its almost full body by now and the smoke got warmer. The flavors are still rich and clear however the pepper mellowed and the tobacco became more obvious. With lots of flavors here “tobacco, coffee, cocoa, caramel, earth and pepper” the journey ends.

Final thoughts:

It seems that Serie D. No.4 very popular cigar all over the world and some people may think its just a fashion but buys its not, this cigar is a real fine one with lots of “Cuba” on it. If you were a  robusto lovers of not it is a must to have some of these guys.

One Response to “Partagas Serie D. No.4 08”

  1. I’m always impressed by this cigar, and its popularity hasn’t really affected its consistency or quality. And you’re right — this is one of those rare occasions when popularity does not mean mediocrity. The real problem with the PSD4 is that they’re impossible to age. They just disappear.

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