Bolivar Belicosos Finos

Holidays were very good and now I’m back again loaded with energy, good times and cigars too. Well here is what I choose to review one of the most famous cigars made in cuba “Bolivar Belicosos Finos”. In fact bolivar are usually known as one of the strongest cuban blends with unique flavors profile. I’ve been smoking this cigar for awhile now and here what I found:

Initial thoughts:

Very nice looking belicosos with well packing and nice box press on it. The wrapper was fine light brown with little oily sheen on it. The prelight aromas where of earth and sweet pepper with good draw. The burn wasn’t the best but not bad too.


Mild tobacco with sharpe earthy peppery start medium to full body. Adds some sweet brown sugar like. The pepper mellows and infusion of cedary woody taste. I found some sweetness of cinnamon or caramel hints on the finish. The body turned to be full.


More earth and pepper in this third with background of maple cedar sweetness. The cigar in the midway point gets more complex with full body and strength. Lots of mouth watering flavors.


The show time starts here, when all the above flavors comes together and makes a delicious creamy snow white clouds. Cedar, pepper, maple and sweetness and more.

Final thoughts:

This is a constant cigar and takes you direct to the point. I really enjoy smoking this cigar when ever I need something that straight forward smoke.

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