Humidor Seasoning, Winter Time

Since I didn’t smoke cigar for a while now “because I got cold” I decided to do a general cigar talk. The issue I want to discuss happen to me every winter so let’s begin. When ever its winter the humidity inside my humidors increase due to the low temperature and the cigars gets very wet, and unsmokeable. High level of humidity cause lack of flavors and burn issues. And while most of my cigars are cuban they are with out cellophane, and that means they get effected very quickly.

I’ve done search on the internet to know how to handle this problem and I’ve found many articles about it, most of them were useless but some were very useful and helpful too. So here I will show some methods that helps to protect your cigars while the weather is changing:

1. If you are placing the Humidors out on top of a desk or a table try to place them inside a drawer or a cabinet so the temperature is warmer inside.

2. If you can’t do the 1st step because of any reason like “shortage of space or so” remove the humidifier from the humidor for a while until the humidity reach the level you like. This step work for the large humidors too.

3. Some times even when you remove the humidifier the it stay the same because of the humidity in the cigars, in that case try to place “if available” cedar strips those comes in the cigar boxes in the humidor so they will take some of the humidity.

4. Here if you couldn’t do and of the above steps or they didn’t work with you case do the following, place the cigar that you want to smoke in an empty dry box for a day or so, to allow the cigar get rid if the unwanted humidity.

These are tried methods I use my self but they take time. But there is one method that I suggest not to try which is leaving your humidor open for a period of time since it will damage your cigar while getting in touch directly with the cold air and any odor in it.

If you have any useful and tried method of seasoning the humidors in winter please share it with me

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