CAO cigars are well known brand when about non cuban cigars. They are making lots of cigars in different blends. I’ve tried 4 of them and some I liked and some I didn’t really paid any attention to it later on and this what happens when there is a brand and tens of blends. The CAO usually comes in a digitized humidor box and I think this is the reason these cigars high priced. Making the long story short I’ve sampled 2 cigars were given to me by one of my friend came from london and here what I found about it:

Size: 6 1/4 X 52

Wrapper: Dominican Rep.

Binder: Dominican Rep.

Filler: Dominican Rep. Nicaragua, Brazil

Initial thoughts:

Well made cigar with no soft spots on the body. The wrapper is dark brown oily with some veins here and there. The prelight draw brought some cocoa and earth. The draw it self was very good with some resistance. The burn was good and th ash was light gray.

1st third:

Straight medium body smoke with sweet spicy earthy profile. An inch down the cigar shows some cocoa notes and some tobacco taste. It then gets spicier and sweeter but no real change in the other flavors.

2nd third:

Here found a pepper kick and a leathery back ground with hint of sweet cocoa. The smoke is smooth and creamy with no harshness. More aged tobacco, earthiness and spiciness here to get the attention by the half way point. The aroma is very nice with sweet cocoa bean and Roasted nuts.

Final third:

Hint of caramel here complement the earth and spices. With shots of leather this cigar reach the final lap. The body is in the upper side of medium or the lower of full but still smooth on the palate. Nothing more to report in here.

Final thoughts:

I liked the cigar but I would appreciate it more if there were more complexity. This is a straight medium body earthy spicy leathery smoke good for afternoon tea break of even breakfast. For sure I’m not going to add it to my humidor very soon.

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