Romeo y Julieta Duke Edicion Limitada 2009


RyJ Duke is One of 3 Edicion Limitada 2009 releases from Habanos. and as we all now the EL series comprises cigar vitolas that are not in current production and they are manufactured using 2 years old wrapper from the top of the plant that usually darker in color and stronger in taste. i the past i didn’t really paid lot of attention to the EL’s how ever when i became more passionated to the Cigars i really cant wait to put my hand on the releases of every year. About this particular cigar “DUKE” it was unique in the shape to attract any cigar lover. I’ve already smoked a full box and kept another for aging so here what i found:

Size: 5 1/2″ X 54
Initial thoughts:
A very well made cigar, with well rounded solid body. The wrapper is very nice looking brown/red color oily and vein less. The prelight draw was good but harder than what I prefer contains flavors of fruit and bread!! The burn is not the best could be expected. The ash is nice gray that holds well on the cigar.

1st third:

This guy starts with very well balanced smoke that is at most medium body and flavors of sweet tobacco and coffee. Sweet smoke keep on with notes of decent spiciness and leather. Just a little of earthiness by the end of this third with delicious complex smoke contains all of the above flavors.

2nd third:

I guess this part waked this giant up to show the power the it has. The smoke here got more deeper and complex. The flavors more spicy leathery and richer coffee and sweet cocoa. Notes of cinnamon and cedar in the back ground. A very sweet aged Cuban tobacco flavor by the half way point.

Final third:

The body got to full however there is no harshness. The flavors here on the peak with some changes. Less sweetness and more spicy, cedary and leathery smoke with notes of earthiness and coffee on the background.

Final thoughts:

Very good cigar that I can say one of the best came out of Cuba. Smoking a young cigar with no harshness is a great thing because it shows how proper these tobacco leaves were aged. In fact you can enjoy them right now but one year in the humidor will make it superior.

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