Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure Especial 08

HDM Especial

This is one of the 08 releases from Habanos. I was very happy to see this format because I like my cigar to be longer the normal robusto. I’ve smoked lots of these cigars and I always keep them in my humidor. So here what I think about it.

Size: 5.5″ X 50

Initial thoughts:
A well constructed corona gorda. Dark brown oily wrapper, it is a little veiny but still silky smooth. Well placed cap. The pre light draw excellent contains fruity tobacco taste. The burn was very good. The ash was very dark gray and flaky.

1st third:
Initial puffs came with medium body and rich flavors of sweet tobacco and hints pepper and earth. Down it show a pleasant spicy sweet kind of chocolate flavors and hint of leather. The flavors goes deeper specially the chocolate sweetness, the earthiness and the rich tobacco taste.

2nd third:
The smoke gets more complex richer but still no harshness. It is spicy sweet in general but has lots of other hints of earth chocolate, and cuban tobacco. more spicy tobacco and leathery flavors at the midway point.

Final third:
Its about to be full body smoke but not harsh. The flavors seems to be the same but more spiciness and earth keeping the rest in the background.

Final thoughts:
I personally prefer this one to the other epicures 1 and 2. Very pleasant smoke for any time and every where. They do very well with age but they really need 3 years to get the peak.

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