Cigar Sizes, Shapes “VITOLAS”


Cigars Come in many different Sizes and Shapes “VITOLAS” and that is very interesting right!! Every cigar Aficionado got his or her own preferred Size or Shape of Cigars. When some one asks another why do you prefer this “Vitola”?? Will get Different answers. Some will say the availability of time and some about flavors and others about personally. So every one has an opinion and this if Right.

Let’s have a look at the Size:

According to the shape you can have different size of a cigar. The size of the cigar is about the length X diameter. Length which is mostly measured by “Inch” and diameter designated in “ring gauge”.The PAREJOS Most popular size is the corona = 5 1/2 to 6 inches with a ring gauge of 42 to 44. The longer the cigar the cooler the smoke, and the thicker the cigar the richer the flavors and the stronger the body.

Now it’s the time to see the shapes:

They are straight-sided cylinders and generally have an open foot for lighting and a closed, rounded head which you cut before smoking. Popular shapes here with the sizes:
Corona: 5 1/2 to 6 inches X 42 to 44 ring gauge.
Robusto: 5 inches X 50 ring gauge.
Churchill: 7 inches X 48 ring gauge.
Double Corona: 7 12 to 8 inches X 49 to 52 ring gauge.


They are unusually shaped cigars and have a pointed head and some times the foot too. Popular shapes are:
Torpedo: 6 inches X 52 ring gauge.
Perfecto: I don’t think it has a standard size but it’s cigar that has pointed head and foot. How ever the large perfecto called DIADEMAS

Paul Garmirian (PG) thoughts:

Paul Garmirian is the owner of the PG cigar and the Author of the very interesting book “The Gourmet Guide to Cigar”.
“Although selecting the right shape of the cigar is a measure of personal choice, there are some general aesthetic guidelines which can be followed. The cigar ought to blend harmoniously with your size and frame. The following is a list to match   men with their cigars. Although this has not been done before by any author on cigars, it is only suggested as a rule of thump”. The Gourmet Guide To Cigar page 33.
And then PG followed by a table contains three columns the 1st is height, 2nd is weight and 3rd is recommended cigar size. For Example:
H=5.5 – 6, W=180, Recommended cigar size is Belicoso/Torpedo and so on.
As PG said it is a suggested rule so nothing necessary to be followed. How ever I have an opinion that I would like to share it with you Aficionados. Instead of weight and height I see it from TIME and MOOD.


The word time here is very general so I would love to go and make the long story as short as possible. It is all about the time you want to or willing to spend smoking the cigar. Corona cigar takes me no longer then 35 minutes how ever if it was a double corona it will take at least 1 hour 45 minutes and some times 2 + hours. The bigger the cigar the longer time it takes from you to smoke. So here you can’t say I want to smoke a Churchill in 45 minutes because in that case you’ll be rushing the cigar and driving it very hot, and once it’s hot the purpose of being here is gone. Cigar should be smoked nice and easy because its part of the relaxing time so don’t miss it up. Estimate your time before lighting up a cigar to ensure the full satisfaction of cigar smoking.


What I want to say here is about the occasion of smoking cigar is it really in the morning? After a light or a heavy dinner!! When I go to a cocktail party for example I like to smoke a long cigar but not very thick like a the lanceros which have a ring gauge of 38 and a 7 ½ and if I ask why? I feel it’s easy more elegant and cooler to smoke. If the dinner was a 350 gm  steak sure I would love to get some strong flavorful cigar to go with the situation I’m in lıke torpedo robusto or so.
About my self ı lıke the bıgger and longer cıgars. I know most of the people loves the Robustos but ı don’t do very much. I love the Fıgurados more the parejos and ı love the thicker ones. All ın all ı my favorite shapes are the Torpedos and the Churchılls.

I know i didn’t cover every think but i believe you guys are going to share your thoughts. All the above are personal thoughts and ı respect all other thoughts, so please feel free to share your thoughts wıth me here.

One Response to “Cigar Sizes, Shapes “VITOLAS””

  1. Hi cigarpalace,

    fine review on size, shape and other technical aspect of our cigars. However, what was more interesting but always less written about, is the time and the mood. this is an important part of cigar smoking, It’s the big difference between smoking a cigar and smoking a cigarette. time and mood are THE factor in enjoying a great cigar. there are days where I tell myself that I going to have a cigar and never get around to doing it because I couldn’t find the right time or the right mood. I’m sure that this happens to many of us.
    As for the prefered shape and size, I enjoy them all but I do have one that I most like and that is the Corona Gordas and the Lonsdales. I simply enjoy the shape, size and the feel of the cigar in my hand. The smoke is neither too long nor too short, just the right balance.
    It would be interesting to hear other opinions.



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