Two weeks back I’ve posted a review of the Cuban Crafters MEDINA 1959 MIAMI Robusto and today i have another creation by Cuban Crafters the J.L. SALAZAR Y HERMANOS.
J.L. SALAZAR Y HERMANOS are one of the best cigar brand made by Cuban Crafters. They come in both Ecuadorian Habano and Maduro wrapper. Those which comes with the Habano wrapper are one of my favorite Non Cuban Cigars. but today im talking about the maduro one. J.L. SALAZAR Y HERMANOS is made by Jorge L. Salazarand his brothers whom belonging to a family that has long history with tobacco and cigars back in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba according to Cuban Craftes website.
J.L. SALAZAR Y HERMANOS Maduro were introduced early this summer. When i first smoked these cigar i was shocked!! what a powerful cigar it made me dizzy and shaking, i couldn’t exceed the half way point. I decided to give them some age and i did for few months. now I’m out of them and here what i found:
Size: 6 1/4″ X 54
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Maduro
Binder: Cuban Seed Habano
Filler: sun-grown Cuban Seed Habano from Esteli
Pre light and appearance:
It is a real good looking cigar that has real soft boxpressed edges. The wrapper got some veins on with a toothy feel.
The aromas that came from the foot are very sweet with dark chocolate and leather and hints of earthiness.
1st Third:
Very strong Peppery Spicy chocolate flavor with a full body smoke come with the first couple of puffs. Few minutes in the smoke calms down to show some medium body smooth smoke. Sweet leathery with real Esteli tobacco taste. The flavor profile is stable through the first third with smooth medium to full body strength.
2nd Third:
Keeps on with fuller body that has lots of cocoa leather sweet spicy peppery flavors and more. Even thought the smoke still smooth with no harshness at all.
3rd Third:
The cigar gets more aggressive here with mostly spicy, earthy and leathery smoke and that requires very slow smoking How ever it still enjoyable.
Final Thoughts:
This Cigar gets very beautiful with age. fantastic after dinner smoke or with stronge spirites. J.L. SALAZAR Y HERMANOS Maduro very good choice for full body cigar fan. It’s the most complex, and it’s not a PADRON 64 but i still love it. I’m thinking to get another box and give it long aging process and see how far it goes to.


  1. Hello cigarpalace,

    I have just come across your Blog and would like to wish you the best.

    Your articles are very well laid out and the tasting notes are well described. I wish you many pleasurable smoking moments.

    As for me, I live in the south of France, near the city of Nimes. 16 years ago, I created a cigar club called “L’Aficion du Havane” and we get together every 6 weeks to enjoy fine foods, great wines and fantastic Habanos.

    I have been smoking Habanos for over 38 years and I’m happy to say that I’m still learning everyday.I have a true passion for cigars and many other things. I can’t imagine a life without passion.

    I hope to read many more interesting articles on your Blog. Thank you for reading me out.

    Guy Buscéma


    • Guy Buscéma,

      It’s my pleasure to know that an expert like you have passed through my blog. i haven’t even spent 1/5 of the time you spent enjoying the cigars but, i i have that passion you’re talking about because i love cigars, went i sleep i dream about cigars.

      I’ve been to south of France 5 years ago and i had lots of great times. i know how different every thing there specially the habanos.

      It will be an honor to see you again here.

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