Montecristo Edmundo 05

Monte Ed

When Talking about Montecristo Cigars we are talking about one of the best tobacco blends in the world if not the best. It is considered One of the Best Cuban Cigars due to the exceptionally consistent quality. the Flagship of the Montecristo is the No.2 “TORPEDO”. Today I’m reviewing the EDMUNDO which i don’t smoke regularly as much as the No.2s. here is about it:

Size: 5.3″ X 52

Pre Light and Construction:

The Construction on this cigar is very good with no soft spot. the Triple Cap is beautifully placed . Nice brown oily wrapper. the aroma that come after cutting the cigar were very cool tobacco and earthy with little sweetness.

1st Third::

Initial delicious flavors out of this cigar,Sweet spicy creamy smoke with a Medium to full body. Very big flavors Profile 1/2 inch down. Hints of sweet Spicy Wood and nuts.


More flavors in here contains Spiciness, Cocoa, and leather with full body smoke. the cigars showing lots by the midway point. here where to meet the generosity of the Monte Blend with Rich Cuban tobacco and black tea like taste.

Final Third:

It is the peak here when all the flavors mentioned before comes together. complex profile of Sweetness, Spiciness, Cocoa, Leather and coffee shown in here. Very Creamy smoke with no harshness at all.


The Burn was good During the First And Second thirds but start to lose bit at the final. No relight needed. The Ash was lite gray soled holds for an inch before it falls.

Monte Ed 1

Final Thoughts:

A Power house of flavors, is the right description to this cigar. I found it to be very difficult to identify the the flavors due to the high Complexity. 4 years of aging enough to let the tobacco to give every thing it have. yes i like the edmundo but they really need to be aged.

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