La Flor Dominicana Ligero “Mysterio”





I loved this cigar the first time ive seen it in the CA magazine. I tried my best to put my hands on. After two years of searching I foud lots to tell, here we are:

Size: 7″ X 54 

Filler: Dominican

Binder:  Sumatra

Wrapper:  Nicaraguan Ligero


Pre light:

Cool earthy with sweet aroma. Very good draw has enough resistant to produce lots of smoke. Perfect hand work on this perfecto. Solid body with vein less wrapper. Amazingly placed cap.


1st third:
Medium body with very nice spiciness and earthy flavor from the first couple of puffs. Once its opens its the show time. Cedar and pepper jumps in to add the excitement of the journey. Spicy thick smoke comes out with every puff of this beauty as it warm up. After about an inch if culms down the sharpness of the smoke to and adds some sweet cedar taste.



2nd third:

With spicy back ground this beauty keep bringing more sweetness and deeper complexity of what ligero all about. Lovely sweet floral aromas make the atmosphere more enjoyable.



Final third:

Getting deeper and more complex the mystrio. Warm and smooth on the palates the smoke. Sweet spice, earth and cedar all together for a magical puff.



Final thoughts:


I waited too long to try those cigar but here what happened, it didn’t let me down. I love the whole experience that the  Mystrio came with. A cigar that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any  cigar lover on the earth.

2 Responses to “La Flor Dominicana Ligero “Mysterio””

  1. you mentioned sweetness a lot, was it just cedar sweetness?

    • Actually it was more into the cedar sweetness side how ever as I remember in some where it was a sugar cain like sweet and hints of cocoa.
      Thanks I wish to knew about your opinion if you’ve tried it yet.

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