Partagás Salomónes 08





When I first knew about those cigars I was really excited to put my hands on. Once I found them in La casa Del Habano Abu Dhabi I couldn’t believe my eyes. I asked the people whom tried it and didn’t get a real good reviews so I bought 2 and kept them in a proper condition in my humidor. A week later I smoked one and felt it was still young. So two months later I lit the 2nd and here Is what I found:

 Size: 7.2″ X 57

 Origin: 100% Cuba

Pre light & Construction:

Beautifully made Salomónes. Iconic construction. The wrapper got that lite brown color with some veins on it. Draws tight because of the small shaped foot. Grassy aroma and mild tobacco.

1st third:

This giant starts very mild with earth and tobacco flavors. 1 inch later the draw opens and the profile gets some more flavors of sweetness and hints of spiciness and mild body. Cool smoke all the way to the second inch with very pleasant aroma that made me keep the stick close to my nose.

2nd third:

The body get more to the 1st step of the medium body. More earthiness and sweet spices and little bit of caramel like hints. Not a real medium and cool, nice, creamy smoke. Some pepper shows by the half way point and the smoke gets more pleasant. Not a lot of complexity by the end of this third.

Final third:

Medium body with more pepper, earth and creamy start the final third. Nothing much going on here, not real complex profile of flavors. I had to end my gurney with this guy because I got bored.

Final thoughts:

2 months didn’t change lots of the cigar. I guess that Cubans are rushing the tobacco to they age it the minimum to fill the high demand on they production. I wouldn’t go for it very soon. I may get some for aging for a year or so.

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