Romeo y Julieta Churchills 08


one of the Cuban legends, RyJ Churchill is a well non in the cigar world. i started smoking this cigar when i first fall in the love of cigars. this cigar has a known problem that many of them are blocked and unsmokeable how ever there where few years that had very good production and it seems the manufacturers put more Quality Control on and made it work perfectly. the best i had were the ones dated 05 “i smoked many boxes” they used to come very pressed and in a dark wrapper. but the worst were 06 the year that i missed this cigar.

Size: 6.9″ X 47

Pre light:
Sweet with some spices, Smoe Wood. Draw was good with bit of resistant..

a Well made Churchill that typically box pressed. neither solid nor soft so it was what a real Cuban should be. an Attractive cigar with luxurious two bands presentation.

1st third:

Spice shot then mellow to show complexty of sweet spice and nutty flavor with hints of coffee.. Mild to medium body goes smooth on the palate and throw the nose that Changes to medium body 3/4 of inch later. Fragrance aromatic smoke comes from the cigar. More spices keep coming by the end of this third make you more attracted.

2nd third:

With balanced flavors at the beginning of this third. More spice sweet and coffee are obvious. With no serious burn issue this beauty keep going pleasantly. Hints of black tea like flavor by the mid way point.

last third:

A pepper kick starts the final lab “third” that wakes you up after a sweet dreams. A real complex flavors in here. Pepper, spices, sweetness, coffee, nuts and black tea mix together and brings an elegant cool smoke. The body some how more then medium but not a full at all.


Slow fine burn. Gray ash hangs on for 1 inch. Keeps going good 2nd. 3rd start to lose some how.
final thoughts:
a must try cigar that i consider on of the best cigars in the world. a beauty that should be smoked nice slow and easy. you must at least free your self for 1 1/2 hour to fully enjoy it.

3 Responses to “Romeo y Julieta Churchills 08”

  1. Cool it sounds like a worth it smoke.
    Nice review

  2. While I am a big fan of Romeo Y Juliet I am not such a fan of this Cigar. I found it to be lacking in that pizaz that RYJ usually has. Maybe this was because it is a commerative Cigar and maybe it is because RYJ is going in a different direction Who knows. But overall not a smoke I will get often.

    • RyJ been always great cigar and Churchills are the icon of the brand with the tubes every where. i agree with you that the churchills are not the best Cuban cigar at the moment and its not to be somebody every day cigar “Short Churchill Does” but its cigar for aging and i guarantee that 3 years enough to make it among the best ever.
      thank you very much for your valuble comment and i hope you check the blog soon since i have some other reviews about Cubans and i really would love to share the thoughts.

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